What is a Content Workflow?

A Content Workflow defines a series of steps that are required to complete an asset. These steps are completely specific to individual companies and a good workflow system allows easy configuration options to create business specific workflows.

For example, creating a Blog Post might require the following steps

  1. Complete Text Draft-This is where the writer completes the first version of the text
  2. Review and Approve Draft-This is where an Approver can review the submitted text and approve or ask for revisions
  3. Add Design and Images-This is where the design team can add images to the post
  4. Complete SEO Work-This step involves the SEO Team making sure that the content contains the right keywords in accordance with the SEO plan

All these steps can be configures as part of a workflow and assigned to individuals. The tool can then automatically route the tasks to appropriate task owner and create calendar entries

As content production complexity and volume grows, workflows can help to greatly simplify the entire production process and bring in overall process efficiencies.

Within the Syptus Platform, we provide two formats of Workflows depending upon your subscription plan. In the basic version, the workflow is hardwired and consists of few simple steps that are commonly encountered. In the latter, we provide more flexibility in terms of how individual tasks are defined and routing rules for each. In both cases, Workflows are attached to content formats with each format having its own workflow definition.


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