Why use a Calendar to create content?

Content Calendars are an extremely important productivity and organization tool that allow Content Marketers to create content consistently, at scale and within constraints of time and resources.

There are different types of Calendars. Some are used to manage Social Media promotion entries, others are general purpose Calendars that are used to capture all sorts of Marketing related information (tasks, events, social posts etc.). The Content Production Calendar that we have implemented as part of Syptus CMP on the other hand, focuses entirely on content production activities.

All assets have multiple steps as decided by the asset workflow. When an asset is created, we automatically create calendar entries for the team members that form part of the content workflow. When a member visits the calendar page, she see all tasks assigned to her for the selected time window

Additionally, the Calendar also sends out push notifications based on upcoming/expired task complete deadlines and this helps to keep on top of content development agenda without having to juggle with multiple spreadsheets, emails and the likes

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