The imperative for Content Ideation

Churning out high quality content is tough. Doing this while keeping it aligned to your overall Content Marketing Strategy is tougher. Doing all this at scale and that too with consistency is simply too much to ask for without proper tools, and approach. Some questions to consider when streamlining the Content Ideation process could include

  • How do you automatically generate ideas for content given a set of campaign requirements?
  • How do you consistently build on these ideas using notes, links and snippets from multiple third party apps including, Evernote, UpContent, and Feedly?
  • How do you organize and filter these ideas into lists and categories so that they align to specific content requirements?
  • How do you automate the production of actual content assets from these ideas when working in a multi-member team? Like adding notes on ideas for your Content Writers, approving/commenting on idea suggestions from other team members?
  • How do you easily maintain visibility into the nature and volume of content to be created in next week, month or longer time frames?

These are just a few of the challenges that we help address through our Content Ideation Engine called the Idea Builder. Essentially, the tool allows Marketers to define, operate and optimize a rigorous Content Ideation process that can help consistently fuel a content pipeline with creative ideas at scale.

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