Raising the bar for Content Marketing

Syptus was designed from grounds-up for Marketers looking to raise the bar for their Content Marketing Programs. While subsequent sections go into deeper details of how we have implemented this using various product features, it is important to understand the 3 key principles that have driven our design philosophy

  • Ability to configure a Content Marketing Strategy and ensure that all content follows a definite plan. To create content that is fully performance auditable against pre-defined KPIs and metrics
  • Automate tasks that hog into employee productivity (e.g. automated creation of asset requests based on strategy, auto-promote on social media, automated centralization of key metrics)
  • Analytics driven content that provides objective assessment of performance, and other operational metrics

Almost all the features that we have incorporated in Syptus CMP operationalize one or more of the above core design principles. The platform is best suited for medium and enterprise Clients who have already recognized the need, and potential of Content Marketing and are now looking for tools to effectively and efficiently operationalize their Content efforts.

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