What is Auto-promote

Auto-promote allows Marketers to automatically post links about assets created within Sytpus to popular social media channels. The feature is inspired by our design philosophy of automating broadcast style marketing communications to the extent possible and thereby allow Marketers to focus more on conversational marketing which is what leads to more effective and efficient marketing investments.

Here is how the system works.

  1. Enable connections to your social networks through our AppCenter
  2. Complete the auto-promote settings by selecting the channels and formats you wish to activate for auto-promote
  3. Start creating assets.When an asset is completed (as per its Workflow settings), it automatically gets a publish link which is what is used by the Promotion Engine. If you have published this asset outside of Syptus, then you can simply specify the external URL to be posted from the Asset Planner page.
  4. Everyday, the Promotion Engine runs to create a queue for assets to be posted about for that day. This is an intelligent engine that keeps track of the full history of past postings (which asset, what time, which channel) and appropriately prepares the posts to be submitted and channels to be used for the current day. For example, say 3 new assets were created yesterday. The Engine will automatically prepare postings for these and add them to the queue. Additionally you can also configure the Engine to post about historical assets should there be no fresh content
  5. Users can see the full text of queued post along with the channel and time at which the post will be published in their Social Media Calendar. Manual overrides can be done to delete posting entries or add new ones

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