The Idea Board provides users with a centralized view of all their Content Ideas and the status of each. Unlike the Idea Builder tool which allows users to actually develop the refine the content outline, the Idea Board provides a snapshot of all ideas in a given account.

One of the key benefits of the Idea Board is that it can be shared with non-registered users as part of the content ideation process. This means that registered users can potentially show their content requirements and plan to multiple third-parties without consuming platform licences.

The idea board shows ideas in line with the Idea status progression cycle implemented in Syptus.

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The exact contents of the Idea Board will be different depending upon the viewer.

Registered users will see

  • Ideas that they created – regardless of the parent list
  • Ideas assigned to them
  • All ideas on lists that they own

Guest users will see

  • Only ideas that are explicitly assigned to them

For more information about how the Idea Board implements permission control, please see the article here

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