Campaigns bring structure, purpose and accountability to Content Marketing. The common argument against using Campaigns in the context of Content Marketing is that Content Marketing is a long term strategy and hence should not be time boxed or evaluated as a performance marketing channel. Our argument is to the contrary and we feel that when Content Marketing is done right, it has the potential to trump performance from most direct response acquisition channels. The time-boxed argument does stand some merit but there is nothing stopping us from creating perpetual Campaigns but which have definite objectives, formats, themes, personas, stages and use specific promotion tactics depending upon set Campaign objectives.

Within the context of Syptus CMP, Campaigns represent the basic foundations of a business-aligned, time-boxed, and auditable content marketing strategy. They define what you are trying to market(Offerings), to whom(Personas, Buying Cycle Stages), when(Production schedules), where(Promotion Channels) and with what messaging(Content Formats, Themes)

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