Add/edit a content topic

A content topic is any topic within an offering that you wish to create content for. It is the next level of classification below an offering. There is no hard and fast rule on how to organize your content topics and every business will elect to have its own taxonomies. However, all content within the Syptus platform is organized and audited around content topics and you should do appropriate due diligence to define content topics for each offering.

You can read more about content topics here.

To create a content topic, follow the steps below.

When you browse to the Home page of the Syptus app, check out the left navigation menu.

Click on the Planning tab, a sub-menu will appear.

Select the Content topics tab from the sub-menu. A new window to manage Content Topics shall open up.

Go and click the Add New button in the extreme top right corner as displayed in the image.

A new window demanding content topic details shall pop-up.

Add the content topic name in the space provided.

Specify the Offering to which the content topic belongs.

Add a proper description of the content topic.

Add relevant tags to the content topic. Though it’s not a mandatory input still it should be given to increase the visibility of your content topic.

Enlist the person to whom the audit has to be assigned.

Finally, click the save button to complete the task.


1. We should not be able to add duplicate Content Topics

2. We should not be able to delete Content Topics if it has a dependency

3. Single Content Topic should have single Offering

4. Content Topics should allow only alphabets & numerics

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