Content vs. SEO audit

At Syptus, we like to classify our tool as a combined content marketing inventory, audit, and analytics platform.

This is NOT the same as a tool that you use to just do an audit of your on-page factors. Technical factors such as meta tags, anchor text links, image alt-texts, etc. certainly have an important role in ensuring that content is easily found. But then content marketing is not just about bringing in traffic. That is a completely invalid business outcome for investing in content marketing.

A much more appropriate deliverable of Content marketing involves using content to attract, engage, and convert prospects. As such, when we talk about content marketing audits, our context extends well beyond assessing how individual pages are constructed technically.

More specifically, here is a list of some of the insights/action items that could follow if you do a holistic content audit

  1. Identify which items are performing in delivering expected business outcomes and understand why
  2. Objectively assess how effective is content interlinking both within a site and across multiple sites (in cases where content for a topic is spread across multiple properties)
  3. How does content perform at arbitrary levels of classification (e.g. what is the total engagement generated for a particular audience segment, campaign, content topic, theme, format etc.)
  4. Adjust the content production/promotion calendar to address the gaps
  5. Identify gaps in the content production process
  6. Ensure that content is produced in the most cost-effective manner
  7. Have a concrete agenda for content optimization based on numerical audit scores rather than stay in the realm of subjectivity

To get these benefits, Marketers need to first develop an inventory of ALL their content assets from ALL sites/owned properties. A holistic content audit with well-defined objectives can then provide highly actionable insights into how content is planned, produced, promoted, and analyzed as part of an integrated content marketing initiative.

The Syptus platform focuses on helping Marketers build content inventories on assets from across multiple sites, and then running automated rules-based audits that provide Marketers with an actionable content optimization agenda.



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