Content Theme

Content Themes are a technique to allow planning and creation of highly targeted content. Some common examples of Content themes would be

  • Use Cases-Content aims to outline specific use cases of a product, service or technology
  • Case Studies-This type of content focuses on how a product/service was implemented for a Client and business outcomes
  • Industry trends-Largely branding content that aims to establish subject matter authority by providing analysis of industry trends in a particular domain
  • Point-Of-View-An deep down analysis and point of view on a given subject. E.g. provide arguments for and against implementing marketing attribution projects

Using Content Themes has many key benefits

  • Content Writers have an objective view of the content agenda and purpose
  • Evaluation of Content quality can follow some very objective guidelines
  • Content has a highly logical flow, and purpose
  • Content can be targeted to very specific audience thereby increasing chances of conversion/sale

Syptus ships with a number of such Content themes(which can not be edited by Clients) and Clients can create their own.

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