Multi-site/format content inventory

In its most basic form, a content inventory means a listing of all your content marketing assets. This is the first step to performing a content audit.

However, for most Marketers, content is spread across multiple sites (Blog posts, gated content, landing pages, microsites etc.). Secondly, simply collecting the names/published links of these assets in a CSV file is probably not going to result in an actionable content audit. Which is why, building a content inventory also involves attaching custom data points to your content items in an easy and automated manner.

The Syptus content inventory platform helps Marketers to build a centralized repository of content items from across different sites and content formats. It includes certain key classifications inherently, but Marketers can build their own content taxonomies and attach to content assets. Some of these custom classifications can be found here.

Running audit or even simple analytics reports becomes far more actionable with this additional metadata.


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