Add New Campaign

To add a new Campaign, go to Strategy->Campaigns from the left navigation

Click on Add New


Every Campaign is tied to an Offering. You must have created an Offering prior to creating Campaigns.

Select the Offering for which you wish to create a Campaign

Campaign name

The Campaign name is automatically populated based on the Offering selected. Change this as appropriate

Add description to outline specific details of this Campaign

Campaign Objective

Every Campaign must have an Objective. Syptus ships by default with a number of common Campaign Objectives such as Lead Generation, Branding, Customer Service etc. but you can always create your own.


For best results, you should specify a target audience for your Campaign using a Persona. This is however, not mandatory

Buying Cycle Stage

You can additionally specify a Buying Cycle Stage for this Campaign. Doing so restricts only certain content formats, and themes to be allowed for this Campaign and ensure Content Governance when it comes to creating Marketing collateral

Campaign Schedule Type

You can select a Campaign to run forever or optionally specify for it to be of a certain duration


You can optionally add tags to your Campaign. This is relevant from an Analytics and advanced filtering purpose as will be seen later in the Analytics Configuration section

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