Add/Edit Offering

An offering is simply a product or service that you offer. This is the top-level categorization of all content within the Syptus platform. You can find more information about offerings here.

When you browse to the Home page of the Syptus app, check out the left navigation menu.

From there go to the Planning tab. A sub-menu shall open up.

Select offerings. A page to manage offerings shall open up.

Click on Add New option, to add a new offering manually.

(* To bulk add the offerings you can select ‘Bulk Add’ tab which lets you upload offerings from a CSV format.)

Once you click on Add New, an Add Offering window will pop-up.

Type the new offering name in the space shown above. It is one of the mandatory inputs.

Give a suitable description to the offering.

Tags are optional metadata that you can attach to your offerings. This allows you to search for offerings or run specific reports using tags. Type tag name and press enter, to mention relevant tags.

Syptus allows you to add tags to your offerings so that you can perform a deeper analysis of your content along multiple dimensions and also to enable advanced searching.

Finally, click Save.

To see a list of all your newly added offering go to Planning->Offerings from the left navigation menu.

Note about permissions

If you do not see the offerings tab in your navigation panel it is most likely a permissions issue. Only Client Administrators are allowed to setup/change offerings.

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